01/06/2004 - Publications ETAD Annual Report 2003

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07/12/2003 - Publications ETAD Position and Comments on the Draft Consultation Document for the EU’s New Chemicals Policy



05/09/2003 - Publications COTANCE/ETAD Information Note

Compliance with Directive 2002/61/EC (19thAmendment to Directive 76/769/EEC):

Alert concerning false positive findings by currently available analytical methods.

05/08/2002 - Publications ETAD Information on the 19th Amendment of the Restrictions on the Marketing and Use of Certain Azocolorants

(Directive 2002/61/EC of the EP and of the EC of 19 July 2002)

18/04/2001 - Publications Guidance for the User Industry on the Environmental Hazard Labelling of Dyestuffs

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